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A fire, broken pipe, the next big storm - what would you do if your home was suddenly, severely damaged? Do you have the right coverage to protect the most important structure in your life? Homeowners Insurance can be tricky; sometimes the cheapest price is not the best price.

What really matters: having the right coverage for what you need while still keeping it at a reasonable price. We see it all of the time; other companies shout “Call us and save money!” But, when it comes down to what the policy really covers, you may be in for a surprise. Keep the surprise for your next birthday celebration. SIS Insurance can offer you the right coverage at the right price.

Surprise! Does your Homeowners Insurance policy cover these areas?

Replacement Cost - The cost to replace your home and belongings in today’s value. Without this coverage you will only get a fraction of what it costs to replace.

Valuable items - Jewelry, Watches, Collectibles

Water backup - What happens if your sump pump fails or the sewer or septic backs up into the house? Do you want to be the one to clean that up? Make sure your policy has this coverage.

Ordinance & Law Coverage - Was your house built a few years ago? Most people don’t know that without this coverage, you will have to pay the cost to meet new building codes if there is a loss.

Personal Umbrella Policy - What if the worst happens and you are on the wrong side of a lawsuit? A personal umbrella policy gives you coverage anywhere from 1 million to 10 million dollars if you have a claim under your auto, home, or other insurance policies and they don’t have enough coverage.

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