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Gathering with family and friends is one of the best aspects of summer - and with that comes backyard barbeques! You probably have a favorite "go-to" dish that you make for every event, but sometimes it's fun to try something new. Searching for new recipes online can be a nuisance, especially with the never-ending ads that appear with every scroll. To help you avoid the trouble, the SIS team has dished out their own favorite recipes for summer barbeques below.


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Charred Onions with Balsamic, Walnuts and Ricotta


• Balsamic Vinegar, 200ml
• Clear Honey, 75g
• Olive Oil, 2 tbsp
• Onions, 5 Peeled
• Garlic, 1 Unpeeled Clove
• Walnuts, 75g
• Ricotta, 200g
• Whole Milk, 1 Tbsp
• Flat-Leaf Parsley (Small Bunch, ½ Finely Chopped, ½ Roughly Chopped)

1. Combine balsamic vinegar and honey in a small pan and boil, stirring occasionally, until reduced by 1/2. Mix 3 tbsp of this syrup with the olive oil, and set aside to cool.

2. Heat oven to 350°. Heat a griddle pan over medium heat and slice each onion into 5 thick rounds. In batches, brush the olive oil glaze over both sides of each onion slice and griddle until charred (keep any remaining glaze). When both sides are blackened with griddle marks, transfer to a baking sheet., season and bake in the oven for 40-45 minutes or until really tender. Add the garlic to the tray for the final 15 minutes.

3. While the onions are baking, toast the walnuts in a frying pan until browning and fragrant, then cool before roughly chopping.

4. When the onions are done, arrange on a serving platter, and drizzle with remaining glaze. Put the ricotta in a mixing bowl with the milk, finely chopped parsley and a pinch of salt. Squeeze the soft, roasted garlic from its skin and mash with a fork, then add to the bowl. Use an electric whisk to beat the ricotta until smooth.

5. Dollop the ricotta in spoonfuls over the onions, then scatter over the walnuts and roughly chopped parsley with some more seasoning. Enjoy warm or at room temperature with crusty bread.

tammy taco.jpg

Taco Dip


• Cream Cheese, 16oz Softened
• Sour Cream, 8oz
• Taco Seasoning, 2 Packs
• Salsa, 1 Jar
• Shredded Taco Cheese
• Iceberg Lettuce, Shredded
• Chopped Tomato

1. Combine cream cheese and sour cream together in a mixing bowl and mix until smooth.

2. Add taco seasoning and stir until well mixed.

3. Spread mixture into the bottom of a 9x13 dish

4. Top with salsa, lettuce, cheese and tomato.

5. Chill in the refrigerator for at least an hour before serving, then enjoy with chips.


michael mac salad.jpg

Macaroni Salad


• 1lb Gemelli Pasta, cooked
• 1 Can Tuna Fish
• 1/4 Cup Relish
• Mayonnaise (to desired consistency)
• Peas and Chopped Red Onion (optional)

Mix all ingredients, adding mayonnaise to preferred consistency and chill for an hour before serving. Peas and red onions are optional.





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Summer Salmon


• Salt and Pepper
• Pineapple Salsa, 1 Jar
• Salmon

Season salmon with salt and pepper, then rub with pineapple salsa and grill it. Once done cooking, top with remaining pineapple salsa and serve! Pairs nicely with rice and vegetables on the side.