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At least once a year, you visit your doctor for a health screening, dentist for a teeth cleaning, and an auto repair shop to have your vehicle inspected. But are your insurance policies also receiving checkups? A holistic review of your coverage will help ensure that your belongings, your home and your loved ones are adequately protected and could potentially result in a rate reduction as well.

The easiest way to evaluate your insurance policies is by speaking with your insurance agent. There are countless circumstances that can affect your premiums and coverage needs; for instance:

  • Has the occurrence of natural disasters in your area increased in recent years?
  • Have you installed an alarm system or upgraded your home’s electrical system?
  • Have you started a new job, resulting in a significant decrease in your daily mileage?

If any of these scenarios – or many others like these - are true, it could have an impact on your homeowners or auto insurance. As experts in the field, your agent will know the right questions to ask to determine if you have too much coverage, not enough, or if you’re eligible for any discounts.

Don’t wait until you need to file a claim to find out if your coverage is suitable. Be sure to let your insurance representative know of any changes that occur in your life, household, or finances as they happen. Adding an insurance review to your yearly checkup list could save you time and money in the long run, and you’ll rest assured knowing you and your loved ones are protected.

SIS Insurance is here to help.

You’re busy and probably don’t have enough time to review your insurance policies. SIS Insurance can spend the time that you don’t have to evaluate your life, household, and finances to find you the coverage you need with discounts you deserve. We provide professional, expert advice on which coverage and products may be the best fit for your lifestyle. Contact us today for a free quote!